Prudence Memorial Park, PO Box 228, Prudence Island RI 02872

(401) 919-0837

and natural burial ground

and natural burial ground

and natural burial groundand natural burial ground

Cultural Features

History of the Park Property


A foundation/cellar hole is located on the northwest corner of the property which is believed to have been a barn (associated with the Denis-Bullock Farm) depicted on 1883 and 1895 maps of Prudence Island. This foundation was built into a modest earthen bank and is accessible on the western side. Much of the stone that is presumed to have been a component of that foundation was excavated in the past for reuse elsewhere. A second foundation/cellar hole is from the Grand View Hotel that is believed to have been in operation between 1911 and 1938. The original rock comprising the above-grade component of the hotel foundation was used to generally fill in the former cellar hole and remains largely in place. 

The windmill platform which surrounds a hand-dug well is also largely intact. It is the intention of Prudence Memorial Park, LLC to make repairs to the platform and install a garden-grade windmill (< 14 feet in height) above this well. 

Except for the installation of replacement caps over the well and cesspools to prevent accidental injury and the re-installation of a windmill feature, existing cultural features will remain generally undisturbed to provide cultural and historic interest on the landscape.