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and natural burial ground

and natural burial ground

and natural burial groundand natural burial ground

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For After Death Care

Regardless of the choice for after death care selected, there are four basic tasks that will need to be performed between death and burial. These include:  

  1. Transportation from Place of Death: The body may need to be moved from the place of death (such as a hospital/nursing facility or home) to the place of after death care (either a home or a funeral home).
  2. Care of the Body: The body will need to be cared for until the time of burial. This care may include bathing, dressing, refrigeration or dry ice application (required in RI within 48 hours of death), and perhaps wrapping in a shroud before cremation or burial.
  3. File a Death Certificate: A death certificate will need to be filed. This includes gathering the information to complete the certificate, signature from attending physician, and filing with the RI Dept. of Health.
  4. Transportation to Burial Site: The body will need to be transported from the place of care to Prudence Memorial Park when it’s time for the burial. For this you will need a burial-transit permit. Also, please bear in mind that in Rhode Island the transfer of human remains by common carrier (such as the ferry) requires the use of a “strong, sealed outer case” if the body has not been embalmed.

Several on-line resources are available that will help you to understand the laws pertaining to after-death care in Rhode Island.   

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You do not have to take on responsibility for these tasks yourself.  Funeral Service Providers will generally honor your choice to have a green burial and can assist you with the four basic tasks listed above. The following Providers also have a selection off eco-friendly caskets and urns available:

Olson & Parent Funeral Home

Bellows Funeral Chapel

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